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Lofoten Islands -- Photography Nirvana in Northern Norway

February 14-21, 2025

Limited to Only Six Guests

Breathtaking, Wild, Spectacular

Snowy rugged mountains rising from the deep blue and azure ocean and bays.  Wild, wide beaches surrounded by jagged peaks.  Crystal clear waters mirroring nature's majesty.  Rustic fishing villages perched on icy fjords.  The Lofoten Islands are the landscape and nature photographer's mecca.  

Let us show you this magical land.  Find the wild beauty.  Let it resonate in your soul.  Make a lifetime of memories.  And bring home stunning images of a land that could not possibly be real.  But it is.

February in Lofoten offers perfect conditions for photography.  The sun's slow meander provides greatly extended golden hours at sunrise and sunset, allowing ample opportunities to capture the scenery unhurriedly and putting your full imagination to work.  The chance to capture the Northern Lights adds to the allure.

Although we will be above the Arctic Circle, the temperatures are generally mild, with high temperatures in the low 30s F and low temperatures in the high 20s.  


The Top Lofoten Locations at Our Doorstep

We will be based in the two most convenient locations from which the most photogenic locations in the Lofoten Islands are easily reached by our private van. 


Our premium accommodations of three nights in Ballstad and four nights in Hamnoy place us in the midst of Lofoten's splendor.  Let your imagination and creativity run wild on the expansive beaches at Skagsanden, Uttakleiv and Haukland, where the ocean meets mountains and the picturesque boulders in the foreground add unique character.  Surfers (yes, surfers!) add to the flavor.


We will explore the charming villages of Reine, Sakrisoy, Nuesfjord, all set against the otherwordly backdrop of the sea, snow and cliffs.











We will explore the charming villages of Reine, Sakrisøy, Hamnøy, Nusfjord, and others, Flakstad church and picturesque cabins with breathtaking backgrounds of the surrounding nature. 


The Northern Lights

The Lofoten Islands provide a prime opportunity to photograph the Northern Lights.  There is never a guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights, but we will monitor the conditions and will have the flexibility to run out to capture them.


The Mythic Difference

As with all our trips, our overriding mission is to take care of every detail, freeing you to use all of your time to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about logistics.  We also provide a premium experience. 

You will have private accommodations in the most comfortable lodging Lofoten offers.  To offer the utmost comfort and privacy, we do not require you to share lodging or bathrooms with others (unless you wish to bring a partner or friend).  



We also include all dinners.  While most Lofoten tours require participants to buy and cook their own meals or fend for themselves in eateries (food in Norway is expensive), our guests will dine on fine Norwegian cuisine in carefully selected restaurants. The dinners are a great chance to connect with your fellow travelers, exchange impressions from the day's photography, and share ideas for the next day.  Of course, you can choose to an intimate dinner table also.  Either way, your dinners are provided.


To maximize our ability to be at the prime locations, breakfasts and lunches usually will be on the go (or when returning to our lodges after the sunrise session), and we will visit delicious local coffee shops. 

Expert Photography Guidance

Roman Lifson is an accomplished photographer, having captured professional quality images on three continents and numerous countries.  Virtually all images on this page were taken by him in February 2024.  Roman will not only guide the group to the prime locations, but work with each guest on his or her technique -- imagining the shot, framing it, achieving proper exposure (including perfecting the art of long exposure photography), and post-processing using Lightroom and Photoshop. 


We will discuss each session's goals at the outset. Roman will provide guidance at each location, and we will meet to work on and share our images.  You will come away not only with spectacular images, but with new knowledge that you will be able to apply in the future.  The small group (limited to no more than six guests) offers ample individual attention.

What Is Included

•   Seven nights individual accommodations in high level lodges 

•   Transfers from Leknes airport at the start of the trip and transfer back to airport

•   All transportation during the tour in a private, comfortable van

•   All dinners (except alcoholic beverages)
•   Individual photography and post-processing instruction

•   Pre-trip consultation regarding equipment, logistics, etc.

•   Assistance with flight arrangements

What Is Not Included

•   Air fare to Norway.  We will identify suggested flights and will be delighted to help find options most suited to your preferences, frequent flier programs, etc.  

•   Breakfasts and lunches.

•   Travel insurance (not required but highly recommended).


When and where do we arrive and depart?

•  Please plan to arrive in Leknes before 3:00 pm on February 14.  Flights to Leknes (LKN) originate in Bodo (BOO), which is reached from various European gateways, such a Olso, Copenhagen, etc.  We will be happy to help you with flight arrangements.  You can book your return flight from Leknes on February 21 after 12:00 noon.

What experience level is required?

•  All experience levels -- from beginner to professional -- are welcome.  You will want to be familiar with your camera gear before the trip (setting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, etc.).  We welcome a pre-trip Zoom call to discuss your equipment and how to operate it.

What fitness level is needed?

•  Virtually all shooting locations are either immediately next to areas where we will park or within easy walking distance.  (One optional short hike up a hill affords an additional spectacular viewpoint.)  Some physical dexterity is helpful since we will traverse snow, ice, rocks and sandy beaches.  We will recommend specific devices for secure footing.


What will the weather be?

•  As mentioned above, the normal temperatures (27-35 degrees F) are quite mild considering February above the Arctic Circle.  However, Lofoten has many microclimates, the weather frequently changes rapidly, and we may encounter strong winds, snow and/or rain, as well as colder temperatures.  These conditions add to the ethereal and dramatic quality of the images.  We will recommend proper clothing to remain comfortable and dry throughout.  

Is there a specific itinerary?

•  In a word, no.  Due to the constantly changing conditions, we will remain nimble so we can take full advantage of what nature offers on a particular day and night.  Fortunately, the region is easily covered in our van and we can reach most locations quickly, usually by driving 30 minutes or less, and many even by a short walk on foot directly from our accommodations.  We also maintain the flexibility to return to some locations if the group prefers to capture different light or weather conditions.

Will we see the Northern Lights?

•  Since the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon dependent on several factors, there is no guarantee, but it is likely that the Aurora will appear on one or more of our nights.   

What photography gear do I need?

•  Any brand of mirrorless or DSLR camera will work just fine.  Suggested lenses include a wide angle fixed or zoom (e.g., 14-24 mm), a midrange zoom (e.g., 24-70 mm), and optionally a telephoto zoom (such as 70-200 mm). 

•  Tripod

•  Backpack that will contain your camera gear for each day's outing.

•  Neutral density filter 

A specific list of suggested gear will be provided.

Can I bring my spouse, partner or friend who is not a photographer?

•  Certainly.  The cost for a non-photographer is the same (although a double-occupancy discount applies as specified below).  As long a such guests appreciate the need to be guided by our shooting sessions' timing, they will enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Can I bring a drone?

•  Yes!  The Lofoten Islands are a drone pilot's paradise.  We can help you with drone operation also.  


Can I come earlier or stay longer?

 •  Of course.  We will happily help you arrange accommodations for extra nights (at your expense) and transportation to fit your desires.


•   $6,950/person single occupancy 

•   $5,950/person if sharing accommodations

•   $200 early booking discount until July 1, 2024.

•   50% due at booking; Remaining 50% due by September 1, 2024.

•   Given our non-refundable commitments to our accommodations other service providers, the above fees must be non-refundable.  

•   Payment is accepted by wire transfer, Venmo, Zelle, check, or through our web site.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required but highly recommended.  We have partnered with TravelSafe.  You can read about options and obtain a quote by clicking the button below.  Please note that the "cancel for any reason" option must be purchased within 21 days of placing your initial deposit.  Given that the trip fees are nonrefundable, we highly recommend this option to protect your investment.  Feel free to connect with us with questions.

Ready to Adventure?  Questions?

Reserve your spot by sending your 50% deposit via Zelle to, get in touch for wire or Venmo instructions, or click the Book Now button below.  For questions, contact us via the form below or at


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