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Your hosts and guides in Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Colorado, and beyond

Who We Are

We are avid explorers, charting new paths through the world's most remarkable destinations.  Veterans of numerous unique international and domestic voyages, we regularly were asked by friends to help them create adventures.  We enjoy most guiding small groups of those eager to explore the world through unique, often life-altering journeys.  We take care of every detail so our guests can devote all their time and energies to immersing in the destinations.  One of us is the visionary dreamer, the other the logistics expert.  Together, we are a team to conceive and accomplish the journey of a lifetime.

We are not a travel agent who simply books your reservations and stays behind.  We are with you throughout the voyage, attending to every detail.  Our groups are small and attract like-minded adventurers.  We do not herd our guests onto tour buses or into tourist traps.  Our goal is for each guest to have a unique experience that fulfills his or her specific interests.  While guests enjoy getting to know one another, they always are welcome and encouraged to explore each destination independently, and we are there to provide all the opportunities and detailed guidance to do so.

Photography is a passion that compliments our voyages.  We created every image you see on this site.  You can count on receiving professional quality images after the trip.

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