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Sailing Voyages Frequently Asked Questions

Our sailing voyages offer a unique opportunity to explore the world.  Below is some basic information.  We always are here to answer additional questions.

What are the cabins like?

The catamarans offer private cabins with double beds suitable for two, but please remember that you are on a boat.  The bed occupies the large majority of the cabin and various storage drawers and cabinets maximize the space.  The bathroom has sink, toilet and shower, but is similarly small.  The cabins are intended mainly for sleeping, and you will find that you will spend all or most of your awake time in the yacht's exterior spaces and large interior salon, as well as ashore exploring the various destinations.  Basic sheets, pillows and blankets are provided and a second set can be provided for an extra cost. There is no maid service.  As in many places in Europe, no paper can be disposed in the toilet.  Rather, paper is deposited in separate trash containers which we periodically empty.  

How is the skipper accommodated?

If all guest cabins are occupied, the skipper takes one of the forward crew quarters.  Since, unlike the rest of the boat, the crew quarters are not air conditioned, the skipper may sleep in the main salon if the nights are particularly hot.  The skipper will need use of one of the guest bathrooms.  The skipper's meals are provided and it is expected that he be included in meals taken on board.  

What is guests' role in operating the yacht?

Guests wishing to be involved are welcome to take an active part.  In any event, the skipper usually will need a few guests' help in docking and anchoring, which normally takes a few minutes each day.

Do we have to dine with the group?

No.  Although guests often enjoy establishing new friendships with fellow travelers who have similar interests, you always have the option of dining separately.  We will happily provide you options and help with reservations.

How are each day's destinations chosen?

Several factors determine where we sail -- guests' interests, distance, availability of docking space, weather, and our skipper's advice.  We encourage you to share with us as many details as possible regarding what types of experiences you hope to have during the voyage, so we can tailor the itinerary to your wishes.

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