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We just completed a fabulous Swiss Alps/Santorini trip with Mythic Adventure Travel. The locations were beautiful and the activities that Roman and Hallie made available were fantastic. The trip was extremely well-planned and organized, and they made the travel very easy and stress-free. We would highly recommend Mythic Adventure Travel and are planning to go on another European trip with them next year! -- Howard and LeighAnn

If I could give Mythic Adventure Travel 100 stars, I absolutely would! Hallie and Roman are experienced travelers who personally attend to every detail, and very well acquainted with the beautiful locations where they host. This comes together for their guests as an effortless experience where the only thing left to do is enjoy the magical, immersive surroundings. I highly recommend letting Mythic Adventure Travel orchestrate your next vacation experience. -- Laurie

Welp, that's a wrap on one of the most adventurous trips we have been on!  7 days on a catamaran with strangers (turned besties), island hopping and exploring so many different parts of Greece, followed by a few days of alone time.  We ate hard, drank hard, played hard.. visited the Acropolis, ancient castles, art galleries, museums, mountain monasteries, secluded beaches, lively clubs, jumped off stuff, climbed stuff... the list is endless!!

HUGE thank you to our friends Hallie and Roman for planning such a well-rounded exploration of this beautiful country. It will be forever burned into my heart. -- Erika

Absolutely spectacular trip! Everything was planned perfectly and all locations were beautiful. The perfect way to see Croatia...or anywhere around Europe! -- Mark

Roman and Hallie are the best. Everything goes so smoothly, and it's all organized but not "planned". You're not merely a number on a bus or a boat. They've been everywhere they go and they know what to do, plus they give you tons of options to do whatever you want. Mythic Adventure Travel is the only way to travel! -- Jeff

Everything was planned out beautifully. Our hosts made sure we had everything we needed for a great voyage. Can’t wait to travel with them again.

10 out of 10! Roman and Hallie hit it out of the park on this trip! Everything was top notch - the food, the activities, even the beautiful photos taken on each island and during our various excursions! I'm already looking forward to the next adventure! -- Denise

We have traveled with the Lifsons multiple times now, with the most recent trip we took to Switzerland and Greece in 2021 being exclusively planned by them.  Among the extensive trips we’ve taken in many places around the world,  we can honestly say that this trip, the one where we were able to let go and just follow a pre-planned itinerary in their hands was one of the most extraordinary experiences of our lives.  From the flight info and requirements in the time of Covid, to the seamless transfers, to the exceptional VRBO in Grindelwald and the gorgeous hotel stay in Santorini, we were in great hands.  And the wonderful excursions we did were icing on the cake.  Travel can be stressful, but not with Mythic Adventure Travel!  We would follow them literally anywhere. -- Wendy and Steve

It's always a great time when traveling with R and H! They bring their travel savvy, extensive research, and zest for life into every experience. They are organized and detail oriented AND so easy to be around -- we would go anywhere with them!


We've done both the Aegean Odyssey and the Santorini trip with Mythic and they were the best trips we've ever taken. Just the right combination of adventure and luxury -- they took care of all the details so my wife and I could live it up on the water, soak in the ancient cultures and become one with with locals. Both trips were so rich with experiences, I feel like Mythic was able to find the perfect ones for us. And the food. Oh my, the food. They know all the best spots. -- Chris and Nicole

I had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend the Cowgirl Retreat to women looking to unplug, self reflect, and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Hallie possesses the unique gift of deep spiritual intelligence along with a curious sense of adventure that is truly contagious. Attendees will learn about themselves and return home inspired to keep exploring- I know I did!

Hallie’s approach is deeply routed in wisdom while remaining accessible. She balances nurture with empowerment and instills a sense of self-inquiry. Traveling with Hallie is fun, care free and meaningful all at once. I look forward to learning more from Hallie!

Wild Woman Retreats has helped to crack open a sweet part of my being and life that needed and deserved some attending to.  Daily life can spread women thin.  Hallie creates an experience that turns the daily churn into background noise, puts it on hold, then sets the stage for lively heart expanding play.  Can't wait for the next one❤️

I cannot express how much I love this lady!! Hallie gives her all to make you look inside yourself and find the better parts of you. I went on the 2023 Wild Women Retreat and had the best time. I met what I know will be lifelong friends and left feeling refreshed and motivated for the year ahead. ❤️❤️

Recently got back from a retreat hosted by Hallie, and took some time to process and integrate new lessons, realizations, and energetic shifts.  Reflecting on it, I can wholeheartedly say that it was such a lovely experience!

Hallie has cultivated in herself an amazing energy — which simultaneously allows her to motivate and take charge as a leader while also being able to retain a sense of playfulness, fun and incredible warmth.

She’s able to create a very nurturing and supportive environment for her guests, regardless of where they’re coming from on their personal journey.  For this particular retreat, we stayed on a dude ranch and were able to ride horses, hike, practice yoga, enjoy family-style meals, learn country line dancing moves (surprised at how much of a workout it can be!!)

The flow and planning gave us plenty of time to do our own thing, as well as more intentional group activities which focused on aspects of personal/spiritual development.  I really appreciated how it was for us to decide how much we wanted to dig in here.  Hallie held space for those who wanted to share and be vulnerable, at the same time kept it light enough for anyone who was there for a soul recharge (aka that well-deserved break from the busyness of work, family life, etc).

First time ever on a retreat and I could not have expected a more wonderful experience!  Every detail handled with care and precision.  A truly wonderful treat!

Hallie not only is a great friend but she’s also the special person who introduced me to the retreat experience last year.  I’ve been on 4!  I recently got home from her most recent retreat, cowgirling in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado with 17 incredible women.  Hallie put together a wonderful experience for all of us: daily horseback rides with stunning mountain vistas, hiking, yoga, energy work and not to forget learning to western line dance!  Also giving each of us space to dip into our spiritual and divine energies both as individuals and within unity.  I am hooked on these retreats and only have high level, positive things to share with my friends back home, who always want to know what I’m doing next!  Hallie makes these experiences highly accessible to everyone with an important opportunity for all of us to hit the reset button on our sometimes auto-pilot lives.  I encourage every woman to give herself this time and experience as a gift to herself.  And often :)

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