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Sunrise on blue dome in Oia, Santorini, Greece

Reignite Your Soul

Reignite Your Passion

Rediscover yourself, reignite the bond with your partner, revive what fuels your soul.  Reconnect with what matters to you most.  Deeper, joyous, meaningful human connection awaits.  Remember how it felt to experience the magnetism of a new relationship, a new discovery, or a new adventure?  Our daily lives with their responsibilities can dull those memories, replacing them with monotony.  Reignite your energy and your true self by exploring the world’s most remarkable destinations.  Leaving the mundane of the everyday behind, let us show you the rarefied space where you again can be free, bonded, alive, and return with new vigor, perspective and connection.  Our adventures are much more than a luxury, concierge-level travel experience, because we offer you the opportunity to augment the exploration of captivating places with the rejuvenation of mysticism, yoga, and historical perspective, as we immerse ourselves in the cradles of civilizations.  We link you with the spirituality that ordinary travel misses.  You will awaken cravings long forgotten.  Through the magic of these deeper adventures, you will harness the personal transformations and enriched bonds with those closest to you, and they will guide you to greater contentment once home.    

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Reignite Your Freedom

We construct and personally deliver unique travel experiences that rekindle your soul, your bonds, and your imagination.  We take care of every detail – both before and during the voyage – freeing you to find yourself, to reinvigorate your bond, to nourish your soul.  The opportunities at each destination are limitless.  We are your on-site concierge, molding the adventure to your desires. 

The Mythic Difference

Our approach is unique.  This is not group travel as you may know it.  While you likely will enjoy meeting the fellow travelers because you share the desire to explore fantastic destinations, you always are free to explore each independently.  We do not herd our guests onto tour buses, into tourist traps, or into forced itineraries.  Instead, we tailor your adventure to your desires so your voyage reignites you in the specific ways that resonate with you.  Want to rent an ATV to explore Santorini?  Discover a hidden cove in Portugal?  Hike to a mountain lake in the Swiss Alps?  We make it happen by serving as your 24-hour on-site concierge.

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Already Have Your Group?

Choose A Trip Or Design Your Own

Our trips are ideal for families and friend groups.  Want to go to a destination not listed?  Just reach out -- we have explored many around the world and will be delighted to design a custom voyage for you.

Upcoming Journeys

Divine Feminine Holy Sites Pilgrimage
May 15-23, 2024


Croatia Sailing Adventure

May 24-June 1, 2024

Treasures of Italy -- Florence, Tuscany and Lake Como

September 11-20, 2024
One Room Left

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Winter in the Swiss Alps -- So Much More Than Skiing!

February 23-March 3, 2025

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