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Sacred Union Retreat

August 22-24, 2024

Austin, TX

Deepen, Ignite and Expand Your Bond

Harness your sexual energy for

healing, love and spiritual awakening


Do You Yearn To:

•  Recognize the God and Goddess in yourself and your partner. 

•  Find and enhance the sacred intimacy with your partner

•. Evolve past societal conditioning of shame and guilt


•. Acquire skills that will elevate your union


Devote a Weekend To Tantra:

•  The power of sensuality is so potent that for centuries it has been repressed and shamed.  Our culture teaches that sex is a desire-based energy to be hidden.  This weekend will awaken our innate knowledge that sexuality is not only for the bedroom, that it is our life force energy that is to be honored, not shamed. 


•  A man who develops a healthy relationship with his sexuality and body becomes a master of himself.  This penetrative power allows him to ravish his woman and the world with love.  

•. A woman who develops a healthy relationship with her sexuality and her body, she blossoms into her heart and full expression.  She sees sexuality as a beautiful expression of love and creation.

•. We bring both partners together in a safe, nurturing space in which both can learn, nurture their sacred bond, reignite their passion, and create their new, beautiful world.


•  Limited to only six couples

•  We encourage you to open your hearts to the experience and each other. However, you always are free to go at your own pace. We create an environment that always is respectful of boundaries. No public nudity or sexual activity is encouraged or permitted.    

A Private 33-Acre Estate

•. We have selected a luxurious estate nestled in the Texas hill country, complete with infinity pool, spa, and ample space for connection and relaxation.

•. Nourishing food, including two dinners.

•. Option to stay on site.



Your Guides:

• Hallie Lifson has her masters degree in occupational therapy and is a trained therapist and priestess dedicated to freedom from fear, guilt and shame around our bodies and healthy sexuality. She has worked with Mama Gena, Emily Fletcher and John Barnes and guides a seven-month container and retreats for women to embody their Goddess-given radiance.

What Is Included:

• Welcome dinner on the evening of Thursday, August 22

• Two full days of guided exercises

• Celebration closing dinner on the evening of Saturday, August 24

• Six weekly preparation Zoom sessions

• Nourishing, high quality breakfasts and lunches

• Morning meditation and breathwork sessions

• Downtime to integrate, swim and explore

• Opening and closing rituals

• Tantra playshops

What Is Not Included:

• Travel to Austin

• Dinner on Friday, August 23 (option to join group at nearby restaurant)

• Lodging, unless on-site option is selected

Optional On-Site Lodging

• Private bedroom and bath for three nights of August 22-25


• $3,333 per couple

• $3,833 per couple with on-site lodging

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